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I'm interested in this item, but...

Terry Parkhill, aka Maimsydoll

A hilarious compilation of FAQs from a well-known auction site. In the book, the author Terry sends ridiculous questions to sellers and receives the most outrageous replies. His alter ego Maimsydoll infuriates sellers by requesting everything from fixing unicycles to advice on film directing. 

The good, the bad and the damn right terrifying replies to the most bizarre online auction questions...ever! ” 

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ISBN - 978-1-910130-06-3

Retail Price - £2.37

Size - Kindle edition


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Into the sun

Joy Kenward

A war romance with an RAF pilot makes 17 years old Cordelia question everything she thought she knew about love and patriotism. Can she surrender all her own beliefs for his? 

A gift for any book club, 'Into the Sun' will keep you thinking, questioning and talking long into the night ” Karen Gunning


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ISBN - 978-1-910130-05-6

Retail Price - £3.38

Size - Kindle edition


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RHL, The Man in the Mirror

Jim Dales

This novel revolves around the dramatic life of Rembrandt, the miller’s son from Leiden. He is seen through the eyes of an assistant, collectors and the women in his life: Saskia (his wife and mother of his son Titus), Geertje Dircx (housekeeper and mistress) and Hendrickje Stoffels (lover, mother of his daughter Cornelia and business manager). They are mirrors through which we glimpse a deeply flawed human being who is recognised as one of the greatest artists in Western culture. 


ISBN - 978-1-910130-11-7

Retail Price - £2.95

Size - Kindle edition


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The Organist

Barbara Stevenson

A tale of unrequited love. Successful veterinary surgeon and talented organist Gavin McEwan sets out on a trip to Paris to meet the two loves of his life – the magnificent pipe organ of Saint Sulpice with its organist Charles-Marie Widor, and his sweetheart Fiona, who happens to be on her honeymoon with her artist husband. Buoyed by the gaiety of Paris, Gavin feels it is not too late to save Fiona from a loveless marriage, but with monkey business unfolding behind his back, the truth becomes indistinguishable from his self-delusions. Jealousy and hatred can poison the mildest of men and Gavin's actions look certain to bring devastating consequences.


ISBN - 978-1-910130-03-2

Retail Price - £2.77

Size - Kindle edition


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Blood and Roses

Catherine Hokin

Blood and Roses tells the story of Margaret of Anjou (1430-82), wife of Henry VI and a key protagonist in the Wars of the Roses. This is a feminist revision of a woman frequently imagined as the shadowy figure demonised by Shakespeare - Blood and Roses examines Margaret as a Queen unable to wield the power and authority she is capable of, as a wife trapped in marriage to a man born to be a saint and as a mother whose son meets a terrible fate she has set in motion. It is the story of a woman caught up in the pursuit of power, playing a game ultimately no one can control...


ISBN - 978-1-910130-04-9

Retail Price - £3.44

Size - Kindle edition


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Footprints in the Ash

Stanley Salmons

Some footprints found in the ash from the eruption of Pompeii make the archaeologists question what could have happened to these people just before their world was buried. Over the space of 2,000 years Footprints in the Ash links two stories and two crimes.




ISBN - 978-1-910130-07-0

Retail price - £3.44

Size - Kindle edition


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Letters from a Kurd

Kae Bahar

Marywan Rashaba, Mary, is a young Kurd growing up in Iraq under the regime of Saddam Hussein.  As his great escape becomes convoluted, Mary is drawn deeper and deeper into a dark, roller-coaster ride of drama, intrigue, savagery, love, betrayal and heroism which makes the movies he adores seem almost trivial by comparison.




ISBN - 978-1-910130-04-9

Retail price - 

Format - Kindle edition

Extent - 418 pp


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