Barbara Stevenson

Barbara is a veterinary surgeon working in Ayrshire, but spends her time between there and her house in Orkney. She has been writing, mainly short stories, for several years and in 2010 completed an Open University course on creative writing. In her spare time she loves listening to music, especially on the organ. Barbara enjoys reading, walking and following Glasgow City Ladies Football team. She has two cats, a rabbit and is looking after her daughter’s goldfish now that she is at university.

Beverley Jones

Beverley is a former journalist and a police press officer, now a novelist.

Bev was born in a small village in the South Wales valleys, north of Cardiff. She has worked on all aspects of crime reporting (as well as community news and features) producing stories and content for newspapers and live TV.

Perhaps unsurprisingly she channels these experiences of ‘true crime’ and her insight into the murkier side of human nature, into her dark, psychological thrillers set in and around South Wales.

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Catherine Hokin

Catherine lives in Glasgow, and runs her own business after a career which spans marketing, politics and education but mostly gets in the way of her writing. She has a History degree and wrote a thesis on politics, women and witchcraft in Medieval England. This kick-started the historical storytelling bug which has finally come to fruition in her first novel, set during the Wars of the Roses. Catherine also writes short stories and has won a number of prizes, most recently being announced as a finalist in the Scottish Arts Club Short Story Competition 2015. She regularly blogs as Heroine Chic, casting a historical, and often hysterical, eye over women in history, popular culture and life in general. In her spare time, she loves films, listens to loud music and tries to remember to talk to her husband and children.

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Jim Dales

Jim is a painter/printmaker with work in collections in Europe and America. He was a student in the 1960s working with Derrick Greaves in his Woburn studio. He taught painting at Lancaster College of Art before moving to France with his wife and sons to work full-time as a painter. On his return to England they lived on a Dutch barge before settling in Wiltshire. He and his wife ran a successful tour company specialising in visits to major art collections in Russia, Europe and the USA.

Jim still paints most days with some time for writing. 'RHL - The Man in the Mirror’ will be his first published novel.


Joy Kenward

Joy’s writing interests reflect her academic background in literature and history. She has won national competitions for her short stories, and has been teaching Creative Writing for over ten years. She has written four novels, and loves traveling to research them, discovering the landscapes and buildings where her fictional characters play out their lives.

Kae Bahar

A native of Kurdistan, growing up under the regime of Saddam Hussein, arrested by the secret police at the age of 14 and miraculously saved from death-row, Kae had no prospect of a future in Iraq. Therefore once he had completed his studies at high school in 1980 he left for Europe where he worked as an actor, writer and filmmaker. Kae’s love for writing resulted in completing several feature film screenplays. Letters from a Kurd is Kae’s first novel. His future projects include the feature film, Blindfold Shoes, a UK/Kurdistan co-production.

Stanley Salmons

Stanley Salmons is internationally known for his work in the fields of biomedical engineering and muscle physiology, and has held academic appointments at the University of Birmingham, Harvard Medical School, and the University of Liverpool, where he is currently Emeritus Professor.

Although still contributing to the real world of research, Stanley maintains a parallel existence as a fiction-writer, focusing mainly on science-based thrillers. His published fiction so far includes: Alexei's Tree and Other Stories, A bit of Irish Mist, NH3, The Man in Two Bodies, The Canterpurry Tales.

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Terry Parkhill

Terry was born in Islington, London, although now lives in Kent. He is married to his childhood sweetheart, Jane, and has two fabulous daughters, Carrie and Amy. In his lifetime, Terry has done many things, amongst them, has been a professional musician, writing for the likes of Shakin' Stevens. He is an accomplished musician, playing drums, guitar, piano, bugle and lately, washboard! These days, he still regularly plays with his beloved blues, rock and tribute bands, travelling all over the country and also spends much of his time coming up with ever increasing ways to ‘wind’ friends, colleagues and for that matter, anyone else that happens to be in his vicinity. Watch Out!

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